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A Tribute to Mom


    This gorgeous piece and the entire set were created using the brides mother's old wedding dress. The yellow handcrafted roses were actually constructed using the silk lining of a polyester dress from many many years ago. The dusty pink, cream, and nude added roses compliment the yellow beautifully while the beautiful brooches added the touch of richness and class. What a wonderful way to honor your mom on your special day.

    Have a look in the gallery to see the bridesmaids bouquets that accompany them. Any loved ones item that you would like turned into something can be customized and used in any way you like.

White and Rose Gold Tribute to mom 2

Mom's wedding dress and brooches from grandma. Could there be a better was to take your loved ones down the isle with you? Calla lilies dipped in rose gold glitter, rolled ribbon roses made from the silk and chiffon as well as two one of a kind roses created from the beaded appliques on the bodice of the dress. This is absolutely a show piece the bride will have for a very very long time.

Blue & Blush

This piece was a spur of the moment pick from a bride who's wedding got moved up by an entire year. Together we brainstormed, and this Cala Lily, Rose, and Fern cascading beauty was the result. The color scheme is timeless, and Fern compliments the two flowers so well.

Blue Hunter Camo Dream


    This very unique set was crafted from blue tree camo fabric, rolled burlap roses, real deer antlers, and really used riffle shells. The pictures do not do this set justice. It is such a show piece you are sure to have the crowd asking about it. So true to the hunter theme and yet still delicate and beautiful it is sure to please.


My Fairytale

       When I was younger I had always imagined I would do something creative. I Even took a floral design course in college hoping to go that way. When life took me out of college to have my first born I set my dreams aside. As my son and our family grew it was time for me to return to the workforce. My younger years of making extra cash and putting myself through college gave me nothing but fast food restaurant experience, so it is naturally where I ended up. I grew in the career and was quite successful in fact. But was never happy and couldn’t stay at any one place for too long as I was always searching for something more. Its a really strange feeling to be in a job that your really good at but never really feeling like you belong. That was me in my almost 16 year career as a quick service restaurant manager. When the budget allowed or some holiday event came up I was allowed to let my creativity shine but there isn’t much creativity room in the franchise world. You do as your told and you do it better than the next guy with less salary. At least that was my experience. So incredibly drained by the constant grind of the service industry I became a different person. Angry at the wrong people, distant to my children, and just plain miserable.

         One year I had made these exceptional Christmas cards for my family and some of my staff. The reviews from these little folded pieces of card board were overwhelming. A few months after that a good friend of mine who had seen me “tinker in my basement” asked me if I could create their wedding invitations. Of course I graciously accepted. Upon seeing the invitations and knowing my creative nature she asked me if I would do their entire wedding decor. The reviews from the wedding were also overwhelming. I had such an amazing sense of accomplishment but I must say I still didn’t believe I was good enough. After the wedding as the wedding coordinator return to help tear down the equipment she began to rave about my work and invited me to join them at their next bridal expo.

          I was terrified to make the big leap however I thought of an old saying my grandmother you to say “The only things in life you really regret are the risks you didn’t take” From that point on there was no looking back. I took a part time cleaning job to make sure I continued to be able to provide for my family and began working on what is now my dream come true. I can’t imagine living any other way now. Being a part of people special day, and enjoying a positive career that really is about love and pure happiness is the most wonderful way to earn money. I make memories for and with people and although it is still technically a service for me it is my legacy and I welcome every new twist and turn that comes along with it.

Products & Services

    Your wedding is everything. Live flowers are gorgeous, but are fragile, and wilt. Handcrafting flowers from cloth and fabric creates floral visions without the ordinary limitations. Perhaps using clothing from a lost loved one to bring a part of them artfully to your day. Or releasing your creativity for unique textures. Maybe just something traditional and timelessly beautiful based on a live bouquet. Whatever your concept, they will last; a treasure frozen in time, taking you back to the perfect wedding you dreamed of.
I will include you in every step of the process from consultation to creation of a romantic wedding memory.
I have created fantastic flower designs for the most wild themes, to the simplest refinement.
Anything you can dream, we can create together, From Bridal bouquets and hair accessories to cake toppers, and center pieces. All with the durability to maintain beauty forever.


All package are custom priced depending on the type of flowers & accessories requested in the design, however quote the right package below to get package pricing.

The Blooming Package (Most Popular)

*1 round, 10"- 12" Bridal bouquet

*4 round, matching 6"- 8" Bridesmaids bouquet

*1 Special Grooms Boutonniere 

*4 Groomsmen/Father's Boutonniere

*1 Matching kids/youth Boutonniere

*1 Matching kids/youth Corsage

*1 Matching 5"- 7" Toss Bouquet

*1- 6" to 8" table arrangement (for signing table, cake table, e.c.t)

20% off

The Sprouting Package

*1 round, 10"- 12" Bridal Bouquet
*2 round, matching 6"- 8" Bridesmaids Bouquet
*1 Special Grooms Boutonniere 
*2 Groomsmen/Father's Boutonniere 
Get 1 Matching 5"- 7" Toss bouquet free

The full Bloom Package (Most value)

* 1 large round (12" - 14") Bridal Bouquet or Cascading Bridal Bouquet 

*3 or more matching 6" - 8" bridesmaids bouquets

*1 Special Grooms boutonniere

*3 or more matching Groomsmen/Fathers Boutonnieres

*2 or more kids/youth Boutonnieres

*2 or more kids/youth corsages

*8 or more table arrangements

30% off

Every wedding party is different. Custom packages available for any size order, lets chat about it.

"Rachelle’s Finesse in creating wedding decor may make it appear, her works of art are simple. But, her end products sophistication reveals true mastery. Handcrafted silk and artificial flowers arranged to last, in a beautiful balance of color and form, have become the Occasion Treasure Box’s success story. My Husband and I wanted a unique atmosphere for our wedding. A specific expression of shared love, and connection that would support our pagan hand-fasting ceremony. We took a risk asking Rachelle to create decorations for our entire wedding, not just the flowers she is known for. One consultation with Rachelle, we knew we had found the perfect wedding decorator.  Not only was she able to fully interpret our convoluted vision, that was more emotion then direction, it was as if she was able to truly empathize with the heart of our desires. A lot of handmade decors would have to be assembled at the venue, because of our unusual requests. For 2 days Rachelle gave our wedding as much love as we brought ourselves as she put everything together. Witnessing her skill was awe-inspiring, and when she revealed the reception hall we both wept. We would both recommend her services to anyone looking for any form of wedding decoration or her more popular floral creations.
She was always professional, with a laid-back, low-pressure approach that made her easy to talk to, and we could not be happier with the work she produced. Thank you for building us the perfect wedding, we had at least a dozen guests make comments about how truly unique and beautiful the entire thing was. Every person there was profoundly impressed with your work. 

Eric  Friesen & Collin Bishop
Wedding day August 29th, 2015

       " Rachelle took our idea of classy rustic and brought it to life. She needed our idea..our colors then showed us prototypes and we were able to say yes or no...a little less of this or more of that...and by the time our wedding day came it was totally beautiful. 3 years and counting and we still have her bouquets and centerpieces...still as beautiful as if she just finished them. I highly recommend her!!
Her prices are very good...you pay for something that will last a lifetime instead of something that will fade and die quickly..so her products always bring back memories."

Shelly & Miranda Cody


      "Such an amazing experience! Rachelle is amazing to work with, she makes sure she truly understands what you want, and makes that vision come true! So incredibly happy with my flowers and the way they turned out, I knew what I was wanting was outside the box but she totally came thru and made it amazing! Thank you so much Rachelle! Flowers I can keep a lifetime!"

Catharyn Metcalfe

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